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Your Satisfaction is Our Priority

We’re a Bicycle Repair and Service Centre in Greenfield. We’re known around town for our warm and friendly neighborhood atmosphere, our meticulous and detailed repairs, and commitment to complete customer satisfaction . Bring your bike in for some TLC from our professional repair and service technicians to return it to their former glory.



Bikeanics was established in 2013 with one mission: to bring a reliable, high quality Bicycle Repair Shop to the Saddleworth area. Our passion for excellence is what inspired us to open up our shop, and continues to drive us to this day. All our repairs are completed with meticulous detail, resulting in a product that is as good as new.

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Man Holding Bicycle


Man Holding Bicycle
In the Bike Shop

If in doubt pop in for a brew or give us a call!

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Would you like additional information about our repairs and other related services? Reach out, we’d be happy to hear from you.

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